Thursday, June 4, 2009

.:when i see green:.

peace be upon u

clock at the wall shows almost 2am and i'm still working with the decorate thingy. but now, i gonna take 5 ... want to let my hands rest for a while. goodness me, too much of playing with fondant and gumpaste really 'kill' my right wrist =( and now, i feels the pain much more than ever. did ask my helper massage it but hell yeah, i can't pamper myself too much now as i'm in the middle of racing with time. uhuhuhu sakitnyaaaa =(

below are the cake & cuppies ordered by mai. baru tau, rupanya mai ni perantara jerk =D yang empunya cake ni kawan mai, lelaki. to tell the truth, i wasn't happy with the end product for the cake. something lack dan tak nampak naik seri. so i wait for them to pick up the cake and ask them what should i put to make it more 'alive'. then mai suggest to add on some gold dragees and alhamdullilah, baru la nampak seri sikit cake tu. to mai thank you ya and to ur friend, congratulations on your wedding

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