Sunday, March 29, 2009

.:sin chan:.

peace be upon u

haihhh, im too tired. just finished todays task. btw, did u guys switch off the lights last nite? we did! not only lights, lappy as well.

previous entry i did put teaser of sin chan's image right. and here they are. seriously, memang best gile buat walaupun dah nyawa-nyawa ikan membuatnya. to muzammil, thank you ya sebab dah bagi akak peluang untuk add some more kebolehan dalam profile akak =D

  1. dear all, sape-sape yang berhajat nak join kelas deco cupcake untuk baby shower, u guys can attend kelas yang di handle oleh Lynn Hassan @ ICCA PJ 14 pada 4th April 2009 with very reasonable fee, RM120. for more info, u guys can click at here
  2. kelas Fun Wih Gum Paste Flowers by calvin, will be repeated on the 9th-11th of April 10-12th May 09 at Lynn's place. kindly contact her for more info. guys (sape yang terlepas that day), what are u waiting for?D

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