Monday, March 23, 2009

.:lyssa is 4:.

peace be upon u

notice that there are different with this doll cake? aha... u say it right. the skirt are made of fondant =D and yehuuuu! it's my 1st attempt making skirts from fondant =P orang lain dah berzaman buat, kita ni baru nak terkial-kial =D bukan apa, senang si akma ni nak bawak balik ke jb. kang jenuh plak dia nak kena pegang all the way from KL-JB. and it's for her daughter's birthday, lyssa.

actually the doll is not that one (the one with red strap). tapi disebabkan patung barbie yang akma beli tu tak muat nak cucuk atas cake ni (the hips to big and agraif it might destroy the cake), so akma tukar doll lain. thank you akma sebab tolong snap pictures complete doll cake =)

to lyssa, happy 4th birthday dear!

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