Wednesday, March 4, 2009

.:bahariah+hazra pt2:.

peace be upon u

mula-mula, the 2nd cake ni suppose to be cake yang bride nak bawak masa bertandang ke groom's side. tapi entah macamana, siti masa ambil cake yang 1st change. she told me to make one big cake of vanilla sponge filled with strawberry filling and that cake will be the cutting cake. anddd the best part, it shall be frosted with buttercream but the deco same like the hantaran, black scrolls!

uhuhuh i already know, it will be a bit messy since the frosting is from buttercream. memang kena banyak-banyak bersabar! salah letak, habis comot the buttercream frosting. dah le nak meratakan tu satu hal kan. but well, i take it as challenge and alhamdullilah, i manage to complete 1 hour before siti come to pick up the cake. thank you sooo much siti!

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