Saturday, March 21, 2009

.:didie's baby gone wild:.

peace be upon u

again...backdated entry *grrrrr (marah kat diri sendiri yang terhegeh-hegeh). this one ordered by alin, didie's sister. the function was last weekend. thank you alin for the invitation tapi sorry couldnt join as i ada few orders kena settle for that day.

yearp, over all i had fun making these orders. i wake up at 3.30am and started to make all the toppers and figurine at 4am. finished with the deco items, i move on cover the cake and make the zebra effect. finish all the works around 8am. memang kerja macam lipas kudung sungguh la.

to view much more perfect photos, u guys can view here, julie's flickr. cantik giler gambar dia amik. i jugak tak master my D60 ni =(

my maid cakap baby ni si gendut =P

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