Tuesday, March 3, 2009

.:bahariah+hazra pt1:.

peace be upon u

some of us mesti dah kenal dia kan? especially yang attend fotokids gathering last year. yerp siti ruzaimah =D last week her very last sister kawin. and they (both o them, the bride & the sister) did emailed me the design that i need to do. and im kewl with it. actually, this kind of design of design has been in my wish list to do =P tapi yang kurang menyakinkan.... the color theme. black! owhh dont get me wrong ya. i love black soooo much! but nak dapatkan black ni kindda mess job.

eheheh and yes, habis tunggang terbalik i kat dapo menguli gumpaste nak dapatkan black mcm ni. to tell the truth, yes i enjoy very very much making this kind of deco. looks easy kan? but hell yeah. it takes more than 3 hours nak siapkan =D or shall i say i banyak rehat in between =P kunun nak dapat feel =P

to siti, thank you so much ek =)

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