Monday, October 27, 2008


peace be upon u....

haiseh, i did try my utmost effort in updating regularly. but i fail. but like wise man say, better late than never! would u trust me that by baking & decorating can divert my stress? yes!!! they are now rather than shopping. i use to shop like a mad dog when i feel stress (itu citer jaman-jaman keje). but now no more =D such a good diversion kan. owhh worry not, inshaAllah, all my deco will be in good (at leat to my eyes) condition. photos above & below are examples of me making cuppies while having stress =P to fiza, congratulations on ur engagement! i love her engagement cuppies so much, especially the danggling buterflies. a note to myself, need to stock up the butterflies =D

cuppies details:
1. combo colors up to 2 only
2. min order is 10pcs (RM60 *subject to changes)

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