Thursday, October 23, 2008

.:the blooming garden v2:.

peace be upon u.....

ahhh again, pardon me please. have a mercy to me for posting lots of photos in this entry. i just cant get enough of these, especially those with blooming roses! haihhh, feel heart sank when handling these cuppies to nurul... boleh plak erk rasa mcm tu. i guess the color of base, that is peach, create the elegant & vibrant feelings *cheh prasan sorang-sorang je pulak saya ni. owh im in love again with these blooming garden set =) to nurul, thank you so much for trusting me

1.) promotion for this set already end and now price for this set is RM70 (10pcs, min order)
2.) for this set, need to place the order 1 month in advance (depend on the availability)


1. if u guys ever drop sms to me, please mention ur name as i dont keep all the numbers. mati la nk simpan semua num dgn ada nama yang sama;
2. i dont have any branch. im a home base business and amik pun base on my own capacity. yang saya letak kat link saya adalah kawan-kawan yang sama-sama buat cake @ cuppies home base. they are not MY BRANCH. sebab ada yang call mintak number phone derang cause they thought they are my branch. u can always click to the link and it will lead u to their web.

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