Sunday, October 19, 2008

.:busy bee buzzing pt2:.

super duper extremely tired are the best words to describe my condition now. yeah, i've been cooking some dishes from morning till evening (masak simple-simple je pun). family in laws datang beraya =) and at the same time, still need to finish up the baking orders. cant spend much time infront of the lappy. so here are the orders for past few days.

this set was ordered by puteri from kelatan. its for her bf's belated birthday, working @ KL. dear puteri, thank you for ur tolerance in changing the date. i really appreciate it and glad to hear that ur bf loves the cuppies =) thank you ya puteri.

owhhh so much of them. i love making roses but they are very time consuming. apart from that, you need to be very very patient =D

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