Thursday, October 16, 2008

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assalamualaikum & good day

quite sometime i didnt update my blog. doesnt mean that i've close my small kitchen, it just that i dont have much time. so many things to do yet so little time i have. cant write that much. so to all my customer, thank you very much for ur endless support. to ayu, lepas i dok check my camera, i realive yang i tak sempat nak snap the choc hazelnut cuppies =( my bad. if u happen to have, care to email to me? thank you in advance ya.

there is a story behind this image. i was so frustrated with the place that i normal place order for custome made edible image. alhamdullilah, lynnhassan save my day. thanks lynn. to ema, sorry if the cake doest meet ur expectation. i just realize why la i tak substitute the M&Ms with smarties. sorry ya ema if the cake tak ceria. btw, happy 2nd years lily hannah.

and these mini cuppies are for my lil' brother.

ida ask me to do the same design like in my previous entry. she said her daughters wanted their cuppies with stars. thank you ida. are u still at malaysia or dah balik ke perth? do take care ya.

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