Monday, October 20, 2008

.:busy bee buzzing pt3:.

gosh, im so tense this week. no, dont get it wrong. im not tense because of baking or making numbers of roses, but im tense due to my study. i've been asking for the data for more than a month and they keep on saying this and that untill 1 fine day i spoke to the right person. just because of late in getting the data, i cant porceed my write up and therefore, i have to extend for one more sem. havent discuss this with my supervisor yet but i think they will allow us since most of us extend pruposely for the write up. tak mo la weh amik risiko nak korbankan 6 credit hours dengan result yang buruk. tak pasal-pasa CGPA jatuh.

okay, enuf of babbling bout my study. let us get bac to what i've done for past few days. i love the way i pipe the choc ganache =) syiok sendiri meh ... eheheh look so sexy =P boleh ke pipe pun jadi sexy??? blasah je la. these berries cuppies are for fazian @ azie. thank you azie.

and these cuppies, ordered by linda for her friend name linda too! lindas, i hope both of u happy with these cuppies. and linda, to take care of urself ya.

wehooooo! guys, i've great new =D M&Ms product dah boleh digunakan! so from now on, i will use M&Ms as usual =D

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