Saturday, October 25, 2008

.:effy is three:.

peace be upon u......

this is my 3rd doll cake. its for effy and yes her age is three actually =D dah silap. and lucky i manage to do the correction before her aunty handle the cake to her. and lucky i did ask her aunty first! poor little effy. she's not feeling well during the pick up, but when i receive sms from her mom this morning i feel relief. the cake was used as bait to make effy take her medicine! speedy recovery ya effy. by the way, happy 3rd birthday effy!

owh ya. notice that my doll cake never same? yes! i did try my best not to replicate the design =D making doll cake not only u are cake maker, but u are the dress designer as well as hair dresser! menarikan??? rasa mcm seronok pulak =D

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