Thursday, February 7, 2008

.:project for this week part 2:.

i received a query regarding CNY theme for cakes @ cuppies. sorry guys i dont have sample. how i wish i could do the samples cause it will be fun. but i guess i dont have much time to do :( jojet request me to do CNY theme on the carrot walnut with the background RED. owhhh dear me. how would my carrot walnut look in red?? let us see :P

jojet's, Gong Xi Fa Chai :D

musz @ darins mommy oder chip choc for her hubby & daughter's burfday i guess. she said it would be pleasure if i can draw liverpool theme, even not on all cuppies but at least few. so musz, i hope my liverpool icon can be spotted by ur hubby because i am big suck in drawing. which obviously i need to improve my drawing skill! to musz daughter & hubby, happy burfday.

does it look like pheonix?

the chip choc cuppies

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