Tuesday, December 9, 2008

.:diha is 4:.

peace be upon u

i know diana through fotopages. but never know that she a friend to my friend during my matric day @ Mat Jiwa. what a small world! diana requested to have this deco and i know it is tracey's deco. from what i've learn from my flickr clanz, always seek permission if u use someone's design or at least put credit to the respective person. so tracey, if u ever cross upon my humble blog, i adore ALL ur works! wish 1 day i can be like u.

there's a story beneath this cake. to tell the truth, im not so good in making buttercake. why? because i dont 'woo' buttercake as much as moist choc cake =D goshhhh only Allah knows how tremble inside me. my 1st attempt was so disappointing =( cake ku bantat! see not all my cake turn pretty like u guys might think. i do have bad cake day =P but alhamdullillah, the 2nd attempt success (of course i change the recipe. tak pakai yg 1st tu). lepas ni dah berkeyakinan tahap tinggi le sikit nak buat buttercake ni =p

8" vanilla buttercake, layered with buttercream+strawberry filling. coat with fondant

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