Monday, November 17, 2008


peace be upon u ........

owh please bear with me. dont get bore with this entry as ive upload with loads of photos =P cant get enough of it. i must admit, the moment when i say yes to eizera's request i was very very very nervous, excited & anxious. this is because im not good in handling buttercream cake. did that once but i use readymade gumpaste flowers. but this time, i need to came out with the buttercream flowers. goshhh, for the past few weeks, i cant breath properly whenever i think of this task.

ya Allah, i was so afraid that i couldnt fulfill eizera's request and due to that i did lots of homework. and when the day came, few hours before i started the decorating works, i text nina. ask her tips on whether i should put all the roses 1st and then only put the leavese of vice versa. i know shes busy with her task too & didnt expect her to reply very soon but i was wrong. few minutes after that i got her text. thanks a lot nina! i guess u guys know how much i adore her roses works (in fact i adore all her touch and did mention that in my previous entry).

and finally, around 5.30am im done. owh dont get me wrong, if i concentrate on this cake, surely i can finish earlier that that. but i take my own sweet time as i afraid if i did it in rush, i will feel stress and end up cant make any roses.

never imagine that i've to drive not more than 40km/hrs when deliver this cake. omg! i was so slow and due to that, i've to switch on my hazard lights. takut la orang marah kita sebab bawak pelan sangat. serious, never in my life i drive as slow as that! i think next time i should put some writing behind saying "I'M SLOW BECAUSE IM DELIVERING WEDDING CAKES". but it was a great relief when i reach the place and all my roses are intact.

to eizera thank you so much for trusting me. congratulation to both of u =D

boxes as mention in this entry dah ada dengan saya. should any of u would like to see how does it look like, just click the link attach. and do send me email for purchasing. price are as mention in the entry (while stock last and subject to changes).

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