Monday, November 10, 2008

.:cupcake boxes:.

peace be upon u

since this entry, i received lots of emails asking bout this individual box. should u have any inquiry regarding this individual box, please call Bro Adi from Able Media, 017-2888018. i'm just helping u guys =D for pricing, do contact the person la erk.

besides individual packaging, i already discussed with the owner this morning and proceed in printing cupcakes box with the holder. there will be 2 sizes, which are:

16pcs cupcakes with holder inside = RM2.70
25pcs cupcakes with holder inside = RM3.30*
*sorry ada perubahan sbb saya salah tengok price hari tu




okay photos above are not the mock. they are the actual boxes. for (a) & (b), the size of souffle cup is 2oz. where as the (c) shows the usage of 2.5oz souffle.

the color for these boxes is white with window patching and the holder inside. once when i have the mock (will get it by this week), i will upload the photos. and price mention above is for 1000pcs each and i wouldnt mind to share the order. should any of u would like to chip in the orders, do email to me asap ya.

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