Friday, November 28, 2008

.:farid's day:.

peace be upon u

melly order this cuppies for her bf, farid. at 1st, she want 16pcs and suddenly her bf's mother plan to have eating session and definitely 16pcs are not enough. since i have extra, so i wouldnt mind to fulfil her request to have 25pcs. yes, i always have extra cuppies while baking but i cant make fast sale or what so ever due to tak larat nak deco lagik =P or to be precise, dah penat =D

she told me he bf loves karaoke & cars but, alamak. cars?? how to draw erk. blasah je la labu! to melly, thank you soooo much! ingat dapat jumpa awak semlm =D

sangat la tak puas hati dengan gambar ni. tak santek =(

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