Sunday, November 23, 2008

.:bumble bee busy pt 1:.

peace be upon u

what a week! that's the reason why i close accepting orders for november quite early. there's sometime when i received lots of order for one day! normally i only accept not more than 3 orders (depend on the types).

let us start the race one by one =D

congratulations harida. lucky ur house is not that difficult to find. ghee didnt have chance to meet u because the time i reach there, u were busy doing the henna drawing =D and to qistina, i really had enjoyable time chatting with ur cousins & aunty (is it ur aunty. correct me if i'm wrong). congratulations on ur engagement.

qistina's, 9" vanilla sponge cake, layered with strawberry filling

harida's. 25pcs choc moist + berries

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