Tuesday, July 22, 2008

.:the cranberries lemon cupcakes:.

i've been received few smses, emails & call regarding cupcakes. bukan nak tipu, but the souffler cup mmg out of stock. so if u guys dont mind to have cupcakes in the silver linear, im more than happy to make for u guys. at least for a time being, before the stocks hit the market. do let me know if u okay with it. but for july and august, i need to check with the date 1st =D till then, photos below are the example of the silver linear and the cupcakes are cranberries lemon =D trust me, the taste are damn great! and i would put this flavor in the list but of course it will be the premium set since cranberries a bit pricey =D

the cranberries lemon cupcakes

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