Tuesday, July 15, 2008

.:engagement cuppies:.

wake up too early this morning. perhaps due to enough rest from yesterday & today. really, i had great rest, enough sleep. i would say that since i involve in this baking thingy, my sleep was like hell in a handbasket! dah tak teratur langsung.

forgive me for being late in replying emails but as promise, this morning i have already cleared all my inbox mail =D so guys, please check ur inbox mail ya. some who leave ur hp number, i did smsed too right? and yes, i did received few calls and emails, asking do i still accept orders for this week. i am so sorry that i cant accept any orders. its not that im fully occupied, but this week is buffer week for me as i just started back my class last week. so i will take orders back after 20th July 2008 =D


okay cut those craps! ewam my jr @ semsas or to be sepcific, my doormate =D order cupcakes for her brother's engagement. but suddenly the date have been change and i only have 1 week to complete. being a bit busy last week, im not able to make my own roses. and yes, i feel pretty bad bad or shall i say really really BAD that i have to use ready made flowers. i dont mind to use ready made flowerd IF for big cake as they will look nicer. but for cupcakes? macam kureng la. but somehow, im very blessed with the spontaneous idea. so here we go... to ewa, i love the way u present the cupcakes! nnt email akak ya gambar

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