Friday, July 4, 2008

.:yang mana satu:.

dear beloved and valuable customer and viewer. as u all know that recently 99% raw materials in baking had increase. and as all of u aware that i haven't increase yet my cupcakes (sebenarnya tak sampai hati). but then, i can bear the the cost. some may said that why i don't just use buttercup instead of tatura, why do i bother to use naturel @ even krystal corn oil? it's all about quality. when i comes to quality, i tolerate no =)

due to that, i would like to do some observation and need respond from u guys regarding this matter. shall i:

1. remain the price BUT reduce the size.
(currently i'm using the 2oz size)


2. increase the price BUT remain the size.

please, do let me know by email to me ur vote to

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