Monday, July 14, 2008

.:thank you so much:.

i was sooo lazy lately...lazy due to my migrin. lucky i didnt have much orders to do. or else i need to cancel those orders. since im running out of words, here are the orders fro last week.

to zila and zilla's friend, thank you so much for ur endless support =D i really hope u guys had great time with those cuppies.

choc chips for her fiancee

carrot walnut cuppies

choc chips

mini cuppies, choc chips

next orders are from ina. i really enjoy making this big cake =D she requested to put few clowns on top of it. cuma satu je la slack, she forgot to give me her daughter's name. so guys, please remember if u placing birthday cake, do give me the birthday boy/girl's name okay. apart from that, she also order cuppies for her friend's engagement (ina correct me if im wrong okay)

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