Tuesday, July 22, 2008

.:bumble bee busy pt2:.

4 cakes in the same day??? plus some more cuppies! definitely my body dried up! serious i was like a zombie. but somehow, it shows that whenever u are in the pressure stage, u will push ur self to the max! =D thank you guys for the endless support. owh ya, i just manage to log in my mail and currently replying all the emails. be patient ya ;)

haiyoo tergelap la pulak. still cant get the momentum with this new toy. i MUST master asap! if not all my photos will turn out bad!

happy 2nd year fahmi! thank you siti =D

from amierul to beloved grand pa =D thanks yatie. mierul sangat la hensem okeh =D

and this is for my sister who is celebrating her birthday today! happy birthday sister.
stadi la...jgn malas-malas

last cake of the day, for elly from jaring. its for the bbq nite. ada cerita disebalik cake ni =(
but eventually i manage to overcome the prob

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