Friday, November 27, 2009

.:humayraa & minnie:.

peace be upon u

eid adha kepada semua muslimin muslimat! this year mark a very busy eid adha to me. since mom, dad & lil bro away for hajj, so i have to take in charge in the kitchen and at the same time i still have few orders. memang rasa nak pengsan pun.

zuraimah dear, thank you so much for the endless support. and sorry i memang tak brani nak buat figurine minnie mouse in short notice. takut nanti jadi lain. the best yang i boleh buat, is 2D minnie mouse. hope that 2D minnie mouse did bring joyous to humayraa. paling suka tengok ur family yangs porting pakai theme minnie mouse. thanks again ya zuraimah

i really appreciate if u guys masa nak send email untuk place order, please follow the guidance that i've provide at column "how to order". antara info yang paling penting ialah CONTACT NUMBER. just imagine if i tak boleh nak contact anda via email and the best & fastest way is via sms @ call. how on earth i nak call @ sms if i tak de number telephone? especially if u guys cannot access email. therefore, order yang tak provide contact number, i anggap tak lengkap & tak dapat nak proceed.

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