Thursday, November 12, 2009

.:sharvinnah is 4:.

peace be upon u

why there are 2 cakes kan? actually this is 2 tiers cake. below is the moist choc cake & upper carrot walnut with cream cheese. and since the bash will take place at night and kavitha pick it up late evening, i have to trust kavitha in assembling this 2 tiers cake. cant let the carrot walnut left at outside for more than 2 hours, or else the cream cheese will melt. thats the reason why i left this tiers like this.

quite some time i didnt do drawing on big cake =P and when kavitha want a hand drawn, there u go. berpeluh okeh nak lukis. sorry ya kavitha is the drawing is not that good. well, thats the best for a person who cant draw well like me. and yes, its a free-hand-drawn of tom & jerry =p

thanks kavitha...and thanks for the maruku too! sedap sangat

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