Tuesday, November 24, 2009

.:rayyan is 4:.

peace be upon u

ada masa-masa kita terasa malas sangat. especially when we are in pms state. serious i hate when it pms visit me =( in my case, mood i still bearable lagi la, walau kekadang naik pening kepala hubby i. so secara tak langsung, it does effect my mood in updating this blog frequently. yes i know, i ada baaaaaaaaanyak pending entries. ans this entry adalah penamat for october's =( sorry u guys. i did try my best tu catch the train but it seems that i selalu tertinggal erl

okay let that pms story alone. this cake is for rayyan. thanks linda =) and im more than happy when u call me all the way from PD. serious rasa penat buat kek ni hilang kejap =) thanks linda!!! btw sorry u i lupa nak snap the mini cuppies dek kerana excited dengan cake si rayyan ni

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