Saturday, November 21, 2009

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peace be upon u

currently im addicted to this cake, cadbury layer cake! heaven okeh. serious tak tipu sedapnya. sebab im not a sweet tooth person but once i try this cake, thats it. keep on munching it again and again. sampai i kena order dengan student i, norain. actually norain bagi i rasa masa datang kelas last few weeks. tak cukup okeh.

to be frank, the price is quite reasonable to me. tak senang okay nak buat layer cake ni. once upon a time, i pun pernah jual prune layer cake. so i know how tedious is it just to make 1 cake! and this cake, uhuhu.... the taste, the smell of pure butter memang terasa-rasa & terbau-bau. it is 9X9 size and weight 2kg. price? RM85. well i would say cheap if u compare with SR cake yang just 1kg and its sponge cake =P

norain base in seremban but she can courier the cake right to your door =) kalau rasa nak beli half, carik kawan untuk share. click here if u would like too peep in her blog but i think for november dia dah close for this cake

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