Tuesday, December 30, 2008

.:congratulations, epul & nurul:.

peace be upon u

goodness me. memang rasa betul-betul tak cukup masa. while waiting for the cake in the oven done, curi-curi masa nak update entry lagi. suzie from mpaj place order 1000pcs cuppies for her brother's wedding (betul ke suzie? correct me if im wrong). she request to deco with blue & white. so here we goes, blue+white cuppies. lucky me this time, all my siblings, be it at bangalore, auckland & melaka were all at home. lega sangat-sangat. but when it comes to decorations part, i did it all alone! huhuhu almost lost my hands during the decorating time. and yes, again i fall asleep at the kitchen. sib baik le sang suami terjaga and kejutkan me. if not mesti kelam kabut nak siapkan 2 trays lagik. to mom, sisters & maid, thank you. to suzie and family, thank you so much for choosing me. to epul & nurul, congratulations!

the designs for wedding favour

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