Tuesday, December 30, 2008

.:plain cuppies:.

peace be upon u

my head feels pusing-pusing. though had 1 day off from baking yesterday, doesn't mean i'm off from everything. i was at in laws house yesterday to celebrate my father in law's birthday. and yes, i didnt bake anything. not even a cake for him. gugugaga... im extremely tired and wasn't in mood of baking. so i ask my brother in law to buy the cake. bagus punya menantu kan.

okay let us skip this part. anish order bout 180 plain cupcakes for her majlis ... izit akikah? at 1st she request to use the largest souffle cup. but suddenly she change the size due to a the technical prob. kesian dia. i should warn her earlier, tapi ye lah. menda dah nak jadi. lucky she infrom me 1 day earlier and i haven't bake it yet. so here u go, 180 plain choc moist cuppies =) alhamdullilah. glad to hear the respond

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