Wednesday, December 10, 2008

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peace be upon u

quite sometimes i didn't make tarts. the only thing that hold me back is.... sangat la malas nak menggentel satu persatu dalam mould! a spend for more than 2 hours (campo waktu kecederaan a) just to make 80pcs tart shells =D tapi nak makannya punya la kejap!

so when yus (ex-collegue @ MAMPU) say that she would like to have tarts, i was like...aiseh. but thinking of lama tak makan, i say yes. uhhh i love fruit tart and of course topped with blueberry. bukan filling ya, but the one with buah-buah tu sekali. heaven! thanks yus!

the choc cheese tarts

the fruit tarts

the mini cuppies

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