Monday, November 26, 2007


dear all, now i would like to announce that i'm ready to accept order for these mouth watery tartlets. for a time being, i only accept blueberry cheese tart and fruit tart. but inshaAllah more to come somewhere mid of December, such as egg tart, almond tart and many more. 1 box will contain 36 pieces and 1 box would coast RM42 BUT would give less RM6 and the price for 36 pieces of these tartlest is RM36!! and this less RM6 valid till 31/12/07. order for more than 100 pieces will be given special price).

the blueberry cheese tarts

fruit tart
(you can request either to put 1 type of fruit only at 1 tart assemble like this one. and you also can choose to put what kind of fruits to be the topping of your tartlets)

A Little Note For Ordering Tarts:
dear valuable clients, if you would like to order tarts, i would advice you to let me know the time you would like to pick up your order. since this tart life span is short (in term of the crispiness of the shell) once when the shells were filled with the filling, after all i didnt use any chemical @ preservatives in my cooking. it is okay if u still want to eat the tarts if the shell is no more crispy, but it would be HEAVEN to eat while the shell is still crispy!

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