Friday, November 23, 2007

.:Sinful Chip Choc With Ganache:.

can i say this week is the choc week? yerp, it's choc week! both of them are my very 1st client. nana, would like to order for her hubby (i guess). so she requested football theme. i was like, erk. can i do that. eventhough she didnt ask me to draw exactly what she wanted, but i said to myself i would like to draw the MU's logo. drawing on the plate seems easy, BUT to draw on the cuppies was like "alamak". so i surrender to draw the logo since dah beberapa bijik cuppies ku terbuang :P to nana, hope u like it and do let me know ya few questions that i left on the notes. the next order was from eyzzah. she requested the chip chop to be coated with the ganache. so below are the photos of todays order.

the football theme yang tak berapa nak menjadik. i need to polish my drawing skill back la

this one is from eyzzah to her friend

and among all, i love this pattern so much, simple yet nice. take note ya, this choc deco i didnt use the cocoa powder as it didnt blend well & doesnt look nice with the butter cream. i use choc powder which is more expensive from the cocoa

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