Monday, November 26, 2007

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its order from ina or more famous known as mama ellyazz :P sebenarnya ina ada 3 boys including ellyazz but i only remember ellyazz since his name is so unique the way of spelling. since ina's mama didnt eat cheese topping or what ever icing, so she request not to put any topping for 10 cuppies. as to compensate the cheese cream topping for that 10 cuppies, i made something special for her 5 cuppies topping. that is gummies bears on the top! glad to hear that most of the family enjoy the cuppies. and i must say dia ni langkah kanan since the time she pick up the cuppies, i just finished baking my blueberry cheese tart.

ordered by ina

the swirl of love

can u see the gummie bear on the top?

if u would like to put all 16 or 25 cuppies with the gummie bears, the price will not be the same. do check the pricing list ya. thank you :)

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