Friday, November 16, 2007

.:flowery carrot walnut:.

i never ever think to use the fondant as 1 of the method decorating my cake as im still beginner. but this order, when she requested me to write few words on the cuppies, i was like "erkkkkk". yeah i know i can write on it, but seriously, lawa ke tak tu tatau la kan. did that once. but the outcome senget-senget. the worst part is, my cheese cream icing tak friendly sangat malam semalam. tak jadi seperti biasa when i mix with the colour. so the best way is, use the fondant icing. which is very easy, very nice to 'play' with. and right now, im in love with it.

the topping is made from varieties, which are cheese cream, fondant icing and buttercream

to lela and family, thank you ya. hope u guys will enjoy eating my signature (sangat prasan okeh) cuppies :P

but for this sunday order, i think i want to deco like traditional deco. which is the usage of carrot and orange slices. boleh ke rafik?

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