Tuesday, February 17, 2009

.:happy birthday nasya:.

peace be upon u

well, as u can see, the drawing looks better right? this happen when im in the good mood and happy. to me,what ever kind of works u are doing, either u are a house wife, executive, manager, director or even a clerk,
u need to be in good mood to have wonderful and great out come. haa tak kisah la u guys nak cakap saya masuk bakul angkat sendiri ke apa. but at least nasya's cake really makes me feel happy =D

to mai, thank you so much. it was a great pleasure dealing with you and sayang kan, tak sempat nak jumpa. walhal kita kenal dah lama. to nasya, aunty hope u like the cake. happy birthday nasya!

p/: mai, bagi la akak ur business blog. so that i can link urs at mine

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