Thursday, February 12, 2009

.:endless of mini me:.

peace be upon u

this is a very ad-hoc order and since im a lil bit free that day and the orders are mini cuppies, 60pcs of them (of course i always give extra) so i accept. iffah told me that her in laws will be visiting them or is it vice versa iffah? i lupa la. and again, iffah is among my earliest customer and the most thing that i can't forget bout her previous order is the cake with elmo deco and it was the 1st cake ever i draw freely =D

kebetulan dah amik, iffah place the next order, again mini cuppies. she and some of her friends are going to cameron and they wanted to eat those mini cuppies at there. iffah, thank you so much for the endless support.

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