Friday, February 27, 2009

.:armand is one:.

peace be upon u

salivating by look at this photo of cheese tarts? yeah me too! my stomach already making such nice sing =P gosh! im hungry la pulak

at 1st, armand mama, watie ask me to make a car cake. then change to aeroplan but then when i told her that i dont have much time to make such cake, she said "stick to cake number 1 la kak". and here they are. a number 1 cake with choc cheese & strawberry tarts. to watie, thank you sooo much ya. to armand, happy 1st birthday dear!

p/s: i need to sleep! dari malam semalam tak tido lagi ni. but i still need to do the final touch =( tak kira, nak tido jugak...sambung kejap lagi la

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