Sunday, December 9, 2007

.:todays delivery:.

she's my silent reader of my personal blog. she said she's been 'searching' my personal blog ever since. but lucky somehow she saw the message at someone's blog with the link og this baking blog. shikin ordered choc hazelnut cheese cuppies & mini carrot walnut cake. sorry ya dik, the cake couldnt fit all the wordings that you ask me to do. thanks for trusting me ya!

the mini carrot walnut cake
*need to buy more and more alpha cutter with variable sizes & design!

those are the choc hazelnut cheese cuppies
*punya la seksa nak carik stoberi okeh

there is balance batter of carrot walnut for todays delivery. then i try out to deco this 2tier mini carrot walnut. and wallah! i love the result. just didnt have much time to wait for the frosting to cold. thats why the frosting look like melting *sort of la melting. and knowing that we couldnt finish this 2tier cake though this cake weight is around 500gm only, so i gave it away to my sister's in law (they came to visit the newborn ;P)

my 1st ever 2tier cake!

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