Saturday, December 8, 2007

.:mini everything =D :.

she's my return customer. im glad that she enjoy my carrot walnut as much i enjoy baking it. but for todays order, she add 30pcs mini chip choc and wanted it to be frosting with cheese cream & buttercream. to tell the truth, i prefer the cheese cream since the taste is better than buttercream (too sweet la buttercream nih). but luckly me, having the kitchen all mine last nite gives me opportunity to do some 'experiment' with the buttercream. so from now on, i would be happy to work with the buttercream since i've my own version of recipe ;D thanks ina! if not because of you, until to this point i will fell reluctant to do any buttercream frosting

the mini carrot walnut cake
(please pardon the quality of the photo as im in hurry doing something while snapping the photo)

seriously im in love with these mini cuppies!

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