Wednesday, December 26, 2007

.:lynn's deco class:.

i always adore her work. so neat yet so nice, beautiful, simple and elegant! what i can say, almost every day i do browse her fp and i adore her work so much. then the opportunity came when i did ask about the deco class. she emailed to me whether i would like to join her class on the 25/12 or not. and of course the answer is yes. the reason why i do badly want to join her class is, to get some tips from her how to bake cuppies nicely. i mean yeah i can bake it nice. but sometimes my cuppies too high and some too low and i do need to frost it with lots of frosting (which i hate to do so). most of her cuppies (can i say all?!) have the same height. she is a great teacher. tak sombong pun. i learn so much from her which i would like to thank her so much for her generosity and all the tips. her hospitality, her kindness during the lesson from 9am until 545pm really embedded in my heart. thank you so much lynn! owh ya, on the other side, while cruising the deco class, i didnt notice that my camera battery low. so i manage to capture only few photos during the session and the rest were taken this morning.

the orange cuppies that have same height

during the class session

my very own master piece! did these 10 cuppies from 9am till 530pm! very tiring but worth it

i love these 2 cuppies so much! can u see the roses? those roses i made it by myself with guidance lynn. notice the cuppies that full of roses is actually just to display the roses. if u guys would like to order that type, i will not put all 7 flowers on it! only 2 @ 3

i need to work more on this roses

i heart this also. very nice to be given as 'hantaran'

conclusion, i love all the designs that been teach to me!

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