Thursday, November 24, 2011

.:love story:.

peace be upon u & hello

making rainbow cake always make me happy. 1st, i  love to see those vibrant colors (yeah i know there are 7 colors in rainbow). 2nd, the smell of the cake from the oven makes u feel like wanna have a lil bit of it! especially when the green one in oven. sedap sangat bau dia!

thanks iza! hope all of u enjoy eating these rainbow cakes! congratulations!

p/s: btw did u notice something. in my previous entry pun theme color black & pink kan. seriously lawa kan these two colors? and one more thing, i love andy william version of lagu Love Story =D

seriously .. to combine any color with black is brilliant decision!
and yes, these cakes are tall! especially rainbow cake
i love gerbera! photo courtesy of Iza
love this to the max! photo courtesy of Iza

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