Thursday, March 3, 2011

.:miniature cake:.

peace be upon u

dear valued customer, sometimes i do make mistake because im merely normal human being too, just like u guys. miscommunication ... misunderstanding are something beyond my control. but of course, i will try my utmost effort to satisfy my customer.

dear nomy, im truly sorry for misunderstanding about type of flowers that u want. i thought that by changing the normal with no vein effect to this type of flowers would make u happy. but i was truly wrong. i didnt expect u want me to follow 100% with the one u've attached. i am very sorry.

dear valued customer & potential customer, whenever u attach any sample of photos to me and u wish me to follow exactly like in the photo, please let me know. so i wouldnt be smart to change here & there.

on the other part, for those who confirm ur order, kindly sms me within 3 days before the pick up date as reminder and finale confirmation. else i would assume that u guys canceling the order. dont just email to me because i might didnt notice the email.

i feel a lil bit demotivated and think of having rest from baking for a while =( think of teaching in making figurines...anyone interested?

p/s: tolonglah..i mintak tolong sangat sangat-sangat dengan u guys. if ada any changes u guys nak buat in less than 3 days, send me sms. tell me apa yang u guys nak ubah. and please bear in mind, yang i really need u guys to sms me 3 days before the pick up date as the finale confirmation sebab i tak amik any deposit. so once u guys dah sms, then only i will give instruction on method of payment. dah banyak kali terkena cake dah bake, esok nak amik, petang ni cancel. apa i nak buat dengan cake tu kan. and one more, in every replied mail, i did include my hp number.

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