Saturday, January 2, 2010

.:rantaian kasih:.

peace be upon u

when i saw this design in the wedding cake, i was like "when will i have chance to make deco like this?". and my prayer been answered 1 day when melly, a very loyal & among the earliest customer, says, "kak anna, buat la cemana deco pun as long as the theme is peach & white". weeeehuuuu. i jump jovially =D who doesnt right. macam orang mengantuk di sorong bantal.

the original idea was from Maki's Cake and she's one damn talented lady. and dont be surprise when u read her biography, as she graduated with law degree =D

i always believe that if u have patient & passion, u will be whatever u want!

to melly, congratulations on ur wedding =)

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