Monday, January 25, 2010

.:extra cheese tarts:.

peace be upon u

i would like to make 1 announcement. there will be 3 extra boxes of cheese tarts on this 27th Jan (Wednesday). only 3 extra boxes (1 box contain 25pcs). price for each box RM35 for 1 flav only but if u wish to mix & match (choc, strawberry, blueberry) in 1 box, you may do so but price will be RM40.

please sms me at 013 32 888 31 and its first come first serve basis. mention ur name & whats the flav u want (either 1 flav @ mix & match)

thank you!

quota dah penuh. thank you so much ya & sorry pada yang saya tak dapat nak amik. perhaps next time, inshaAllah

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