Tuesday, September 23, 2008

.:more of cakes:.

assalamualaikum & good day

maddy call me and request to have cake with the deco exactly same like in previous entry, stripes of blue+pink. since the deco is not that complicated, i wouldn't mind at all to accept it =D to maddy, sorry if the front part a bit messy sebab terkena box. i really hope it does meet u & ur family taste buds. thank you dear!

it is her mother's birthday. maisarah ordered carrot walnut cake. and also request to have same design except the frosting is cheese cream (cause carrot walnut soulmate is cheese cream). kindda difficult to do that kind of deco on cheese cream since the deco cannot be refrigerated where as the cheese cream frosting must be keep in fridge before serve. but somehow i manage to overcome the prob. alhamdullilah, feel so glad to receive the sms from maisarah. thank you maisarah.


for a time being, i have to suspend all milk base deco items from China, such as M&Ms and others until government announce milk base products from china is safe.

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