Friday, February 29, 2008

.:bumble bee busy:.

i had fun tho had headache & backache. but that is not excuse for me to cancel the order that have been made before. unless le sakitnya teruk & chronic kan. yeah i do have my own QC.. my mom of course. to aisyah from ICU, thank you for having me. it was a pleasure making deal with u. i bet ur hubby mesti seronok masa sampai kat tempat dia kan. rugi la i sebab tak dapat nak tengok expressiont do u muka dia to see those boxes. sorry aisyah i couldnt draw the items u request. i did try and the output transform into UFO *LOL

the carrot walnut cuppies

the choc moist cuppies

this is lela's order. its for her 28th burfday or to be specific 7th burfday :P its because her burfday is today! hope u guys had great party and enjoy the cuppies. she ordered 2 sets of chocky crazy cuppies.

the 50pcs choky crazy cuppies

and this is the limelight for this week i guess. the boobs cake! my 1st ever boobs cake. what do u think? is it okay? and mind u ya, this is the output from a person who never attend formal class for this types of cake! at first i thought it is easy and wont give me trouble. but im wrong! sangat le renyah okeh nak buat. i would say its easy to do irdina's cake rather than this. but somehow i manage to produce such lovely boobs! (puji diri sendiri :P) *i will upload the photos later on as i have something else to do now

surely this boobs already beaten pamela & dolly :P

side view

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