Tuesday, September 3, 2013

.:draculaura & allysia:.

peace be upon u & hello

okay sana sini kecoh dengan harga petrol 95 naik 20cent. haihhh. im speechless. definitely it will create domino's effect and of course lots of price increase here & there. pfttt

never mind. put that aside. why dont we rest for a while by looking at these photos. it was very kindda adhoc request, but alhamdulillah. i manage to fulfill it. it's draculaura from monster high yoo!! my daughter's favorite character. wish i had ample time to make draculaura figurine but it's okay. 2D deco would do as time very limited that day.

mel, thank you so much!! happy 7th birthday alyssia! (sorry salah eja nama)

p/s: please take note that i am fully book/away from 1st-9th, 14tg-18th and 27th-30th

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