Sunday, February 27, 2011

.:darling irdina's bash:.

peace be upon u

sorry, for being silent past few days. kindda busy & feel extremely tired. and double sorry because i have make way for this entry when i still have lots of pending entries that i am suppose to update at here. reason? because i want to share with all of u few friends that help me out with irdina's bash @ her kindy.

love the cupcake topper, cupcake wrapper, personalized choc wrapper, personalize goodies bag? i simply love her works. really! u just name ur theme and she will come out with cute lil design like irdina's. please, don't hesitate to contact zatul by visiting her FB at here.

and like always, a party without balloons is something like eating burger without pickle =p normally i ordered balloons from XYZ shop and goshhh..God knows how much i need to spend for all the balloons and transportation. i've been introduced by a dear customer to this creative & talented lady (she do clowning thingy is the such word clowing?), named Lynda Majid. she can come to ur place and set up at ur place without u to worry to transport all ur balloons! (trust me, dina's previous birthday i have to rent a small lorry just to ferry the balloons). do visit her FB at here or u can contact her at 012-9054761

sorry for a bit panjang menceceh =P i really cant stop writing when the idea spill out from my brain. s guys, if u have special occasion, please dont hesitate to contact them =)

till then, have a great day u all!

p/s: btw esok i ada extra 1 set of cheese tart (strawberry & blueberry). any taker? 1st come 1st serve basis =) do drop me sms ya. tq taken! tq

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