Wednesday, September 30, 2009

.:problem with yahoo mail:.

peace be upon u

selamat hari raya kepada semua =)

dear all, im not so sure. is it my yahoo or most of us having problem with yahoo. yes i can read ur mail & reply but the reply mail keep on bouncing into draft box. sangat la penat terpaksa buat semula tu semua. those yang place order for 3rd october & i dah accept, orders are as the deal ya (zett, akma @ kema. and maisarah, urs on the 11th oct inshaAllah boleh).

due to that problem, from today onwards, please email cc ur email to this add
( masih lagi valid cuma gmail ni as backup kalau yahoo tak bleh access)

till then, nanti i update my blog. banyak sangat entries before i demam dulu i belum post at here.

.:blog archive:.