Wednesday, August 19, 2009

.:qaseh 1st celebration:.

peace be upon u

quite sometime this blog have been abandoned by me. bukan i tak minat dah, tapi nak dapatkan balik the mood punya la susah. once when u've been away for too long and most of your schedule up side down, its kindda difficult to get back in track. but i try my best to get back as soon as possible. serious boring okay bila dah terlalu lama tak bermain-main dengan cake thingy semua ni. i miss my tools! some belum sempat i pakai lagi. inshaAllah i will resume my business somewhere in 1st september but in very very limited order intake since dah ramadhan kan. i have much more things to do this coming ramadhan =)

ziana, sorry ya. akak peram lama entry cake si qaseh ellysha ni. nak buat cemana, tetiba akak demam yang amat-amat plak. anyway, thank you ya ziana. and to qaseh ellysha, happy 1st birthday dear. semoga berjaya di dunia & akhirat.

p/s: my next class on stripes attack, inshaAllah, will be somewhere in october (tak sure awal @ mid @ akhir). only 6 person je ye satu session and it will be from morning till evening. those interested, please send mail to me and i will send details. thank you

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